3D Graphics | Mark Watkins

M.Arch 1995. Have worked for many architects and sculpters producing visual materials such as project proposals, presentation boards, animated sequences, videos, and construction sets. 3DS Max, Sketchup 2017, Vray 3, Maya, Mental Ray, AutoCAD, et. al.

Sample Projects

Sketchup 2017 + VRay 3

Case study: 3D work
Description: From AutoCAD drawing set to Sketchup to VRay to Photoshop of a restaurant renovation. Sketchup has a pretty decent, fairly intuitive camera for choosing and refining views with clients. The VRay extension performs spot texturing and lighting quickly and professional renderings with integrated IES lighting support.

3D at DES

Case study: 3D work
Employer: DES Architects + Engineers
Description: As a fulltime Graphic Designer at DES Architects + Engineers in 2007 and 2008 (before the 2008 construction meltdown) I produced single images and three minute movies of corporate campuses, renovations, libraries, schools, and other projects.
Software: 3DS Max, VRay, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.

3D for Burning Man

Case study: 3D work
Client: Michael Emery Artworks
Description: Since 2007 when we both volunteered for David Best’s Temple of Forgiveness, I’ve helped Artist Michael Emery get funding for a series of interrelated, standalone, interactive sculptures by providing presentation renderings.
Software: Recently Maya and Mental Ray, and 3DS Max about 5 years ago.

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