2D Graphics | Mark Watkins

Book covers / eLearning / marketing / web banners / mockups.

Sample Projects

Book Covers & Marketing Collateral

Case study: Books covers, flyers, adverts, banners, cards
Client: Various
Description: Using the Adobe Suite to design and produce artwork for print, from 10 foot high banners to pocket-size iCards.

eLearning / Digital Training

Case study: eLearning design and development
Clients: Visa, Design Media, Vitesse Learning, Curriculum Technology
Description: I’ve designed and developed digital training tools off and on since 2005, beginning with Vitesse Learning in San Francisco when we used Flash for everything. Since 2014 I’ve been using Adobe Captivate. I have built many Drag and Drops, Multiple Choice quizzes, Fill in the Blanks, and other interactive activities, although those screens are not represented in the two examples that follow.
Links: San Diego Aiport Stewardship Program, CT2Learn Report Writing