Websites and screens for intranet pages, training tools, kiosks and the TIVO interface. All involve UX strategy decisions, UI creation, graphic design, production support, coding development, and wireframes and flow charts to explain complicated ideas. More than proficient in HTML5 and CSS3 and adaptive / responsive design.

Sample Projects

Typical UX Steps

Case study: UX development
Client: Curriculum Technology
Description: One: Research current content, produce a site map and meet with shareholders about what works and what doesn’t. Two: Produce multiple site map proposals. Three: Make many, many mockups showing the variety of possible new directions. Hone in on what’s most important for this particular project. Keep it pretty. Four: User flow charts, wireframes, development research for communication with developers. Five: Work with developers to build out test pages and then a whole test site. Six: Work with developers to replace the old with the new. Boom, easy peasy.
Software: Some combo of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Axure. Currently playing with Invision and Sketch.

Web Design: After/Before

Case study: Redesigning websites
Client: Curriculum Technology
Description: The original CT2Learn website was the company’s placeholder for their educational product. The site’s generic graphics and poor device repsonsiveness did not support their business growth objectives. The 2015 redesign focused on color and graphic continuity on the page and site level, clearer navigational elements and improved mobile support.

TiVo Graphics and Wireframes

Case study: Graphics, UI prep, wireframes
Employer: TiVo
Description: Worked on two projects. First, prepared and managed graphics for the Series4 TiVo Premiere released in 2010 using Flash and second, created 50-75 wireframes for the Series5 TiVo Roamio. Both projects included developing nomenclature and defining exact positioning for all the little bits and pieces, like “fadeTop_mc”, “List Item”, “the pill”, “the BoD”, etc.

Mark has done a remarkable job for us at Curriculum Technology. We brought him in during a time we were rolling out a major new product/service initiative and while the product was good, the presentation to the market was not. His vision, creativity, skill, and work ethic were major factors in enabling us to firmly establish the new product in the marketplace, where we are still experiencing very strong year over year growth. Mark is the real deal, a consummate pro.

Jon Doyle, President, Curriculum Technology, February 2, 2017

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